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The Fundamentals are Golden: The Value of Fine-Tuning Alliance Operating Models

It is a perennial question: What is the impact of effective alliance management?

After all, alliance professionals don’t develop products or ensure they get into the hands of customers. Their equally important contribution to success is to ensure that alliance operations and governance provide an environment that is conducive to developing and commercializing that innovative solution. In codevelopment and cocommercialization alliances this may play out over many years, with many twists and turns. These alliances need to think of themselves as an entity, albeit one that has to exist within the strategies, structures, cultures, and processes of two or more partners. It is the alliance professional that must navigate that path to ensure an effective alliance operating model is in place.

Data from our assessments of individual alliances and alliance management functions demonstrate that improving key aspects in how an alliance works shows up in measurable gains in key outcome measures. This paper examines select components of an alliance operating model, shares data, and offers practical frameworks, guidance, and examples you can put to immediate use.

It also includes insights from participants in a Master Class on the topic conducted at the 2023 ASAP Global Alliance Summit. We encourage you to take a look at your key alliances and find the gold in improving the fundamentals of alliance operating models.


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