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Biopharma Alliance Governance 101 from Strategic Alliance Quarterly

Biopharma Governance 101

July 19, 2023

If biopharma alliance governance isn’t effective, the alliance won’t succeed – or at the least it won’t be as successful as it could be. That’s why leading the governance process is one of the most valuable and visible activities of alliance managers.

There is a lot to the responsibility and it starts as the alliance is being formed, ensuring the governance structure is fit-for-purpose and will be well-positioned to carry out its many responsibilities. Of course, it has to do this taking into account the different organizational structures of the partners. On an ongoing basis, it needs the right participants to provide strategic oversight, develop plans, make decisions, ensure the work of the alliance is progressing as intended, solve problems, and hold the parties accountable to the alliance. It must be carefully orchestrated, with alliance managers responsible everything from mundane scheduling and logistics to the strategic activities of agenda development and decision planning.

In this article from ASAP’s Strategic Alliance Quarterly, Jan Twombly offers our advice and guidance to alliance managers new to the role who may be wondering what they should do to successfully manage governance – and offers tips that will benefit tried and true veterans. Also included in the piece are insights from a number of experienced biopharma alliance professionals who manage alliances across the product lifecycle, from early stage research collaborations to global commercial alliances.

For more information on biopharma alliance governance and management see our whitepaper Biopharmaceutical Alliance Management, Practices, Structure and Value.

Twombly is chairman of the ASAP Board of Directors’ Editorial Committee and serves as advisor to the editorial staff. She helped start the magazine over a decade ago and has been involved with every issue. The publication is a benefit of ASAP membership. Each issue tackles topics of concern to alliance professionals in biopharma and beyond. It always includes articles that are “how-to,” focused on developing alliance management skills and practices and informed by members and outside experts.

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