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 Case Studies and Testimonials


Case studies of representative client engagements offer examples of how The Rhythm of Business’ services help alliance and partnering leaders:

  • Develop their organization’s alliance management capability and function
  • Innovate healthcare by partnering with specialized software as medical device companies
  • Bridge the worlds of academia and business to collaborate on game-changing research
  • Turn transactional service provider relationships into mutually value-creating collaborations

Alliance Managers and Executives

You lead an alliance management team—or teams. Maybe you’re a seasoned alliance professional managing a portfolio of partnerships. Or perhaps you are the only alliance manager in your company. You also might have responsibility for the science, the program, the product, or bringing in new partners.

You have the day-to-day challenge of ensuring that alliances create their intended value. That requires building the capability to partner well within your organization, so training and coaching both front line staff and executives is part of the job. Being able to bridge differences to align actions, make good decisions, and solve problems means you must effectively utilize the power of positive influence.

The Rhythm of Business Approach

Alliance leaders look to us to be their partner in building a valued alliance management practice within their organization. Whether it is developing the team, creating a playbook to drive consistency, coaching and training, taking a deep dive on a specific alliance, digitizing workflow, or anything else that helps your alliances be successful, we are by your side.

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Creating a Pathway to Excellence

“The Rhythm of Business are leading experts in alliance management. They get to know your organization and provide tailored, practical, actionable advice that has helped us achieve the reputation we have as a good partner. They are our partners in growing alliance management expertise.”

—Head, Alliance Management Center of Excellence, Top 20 Biopharmaceutical Company

Digital Health Innovators

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Discovering Reality

Biopharma and digital technology companies innovate and develop their products very differently. The strategic, operational, and cultural differences between biopharma companies and their “high-tech” partners are significant and must be overcome to realize the potential of digital health.

As a digital health leader, you are looking for tools, techniques, and guidance to bridge the differences to leverage the unique assets and capabilities of the partners, creating an outcome neither could achieve alone.

The Rhythm of Business Approach

Our services for digital health initiatives recognize their entrepreneurial nature. We help craft deals that align economics and expectations. We build operating models that can iterate as the alliance and product develops. Minimalist governance frameworks accelerate decision making. As we guide alliance operations, team members learn how to bridge structural and cultural differences, collaborating effectively to achieve results.

“Thank you for your help with the team in appropriately setting up the alliance structure. There were so many occasions where your insights, suggestions, assistance, questions opened my eyes and ears.”

– Project Lead, Digital Therapeutic Alliance

Medical Researchers

Specialized academic medical research institutes and research hospitals are partnering with biopharmaceutical companies to advance and fund ground-breaking research, creating the possibilities of breakthrough medicines. Scientists in both worlds need the mindset, skillset, and toolset to partner well so that science gets to patients and learns from patients as expeditiously as possible.

The Rhythm of Business Approach

Our services for academic and early-stage research alliances address the need to build core collaboration skills among people who are focused on their science. This includes experiential training, as well as working with scientists and project managers who may be accountable for delivering on the goals of the industry-academia collaboration. We build operating frameworks and governance processes that are fit-for-purpose as the science evolves from discovery to preclinical and first-in-human.

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Can Academic Science and Corporate Discipline Collaborate?

“This training was perfect! You addressed exactly my situation which I haven’t been able to solve for months. I now know how to engage the PI (principal investigator) and will do so tomorrow!”

— Senior Scientist (with alliance management responsibility)

Life Science Service Providers

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Becoming the Go-to Commercialization Partner

The life science ecosystem contains many specialized firms that need to partner upstream to ensure they can deliver complete solutions to their customers. They must also partner with their customers to deliver value added services, enabling the customer to benefit from their knowledge.

Specialized commercialization service partners take a company’s products to market, often conducting localized clinical trials, gaining marketing authority from local regulators and pricing from payers.

This type of partnering is not easy, as the basic relationships are often contractually transactional, seeing the only exchange of value as money for service.

The Rhythm of Business Approach

The key to turning a transactional relationship to a collaborative one is to help your partner help you to help them. Our training and executive coaching services help create this virtuous circle of reciprocity, building skill and changing perspectives.

You need an alliance management playbook that is fit for purpose and helps add a strategic, forward-looking dimension to the relationship that allows the parties to plan and collaborate more freely. Over time, trust builds and more value creating collaboration can occur.

“Thank you for the training. It was very relevant and I look forward to engaging with my partner to solve our market access issues.”

– Country commercial leader

Companies We Guide

A Selection of Our Life Science Clients

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Representative Clients from Other Industries

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