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Becoming the Go-to Commercialization Partner

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December 12, 2022

An often-overlooked component of the biopharmaceutical ecosystem are commercialization partners in the smaller, yet rapidly emerging markets. These companies are essential for providing local infrastructure, know-how, and relationships. They are the channel partners of biopharmaceutical developers. It is increasingly understood that for the biopharma companies to be successful in these markets, the channel must help their biopharma partners help them.

A regional leader in commercialization came to us looking to build its reputation as a desirable partner. It was already working with many global biopharma companies, but mainly in transactional relationships. It wanted to introduce alliance management techniques to help make the relationships more strategic and forward-looking.

Working with both our client and their biopharma partners we engaged in a series of interviews and focus groups to understand how to transition these relationships from transactional to collaborative. With that information we developed a playbook and toolkit introducing the concept of alliance management and outlining key practices made fit-for-purpose. We conducted widespread training via Zoom, complete with breakout group analysis of relevant scenarios and digital whiteboard brainstorming.

Select teams were identified to engage in demonstration projects with their partners. Existing problems were addressed, collaborative relationships built, and paths forward identified.

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