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We’re Speaking at Alliance Management Conferences on Both Sides of the Pond

June 26, 2023

The Rhythm of Business is proud to once again sponsor and speak at the ASAP European Alliance Summit in London, September 20-22 and the ASAP Biopharma Conference in Boston, November 6 – 8. These two ASAP signature alliance management events offer alliance professionals an opportunity to hone their skills while enjoying some fantastic networking in two great cities.

London Calling

At the London conference we are presenting The Data Speaks: Focus Alliance Management Efforts to Produce Results. This thought leadership talk focuses on the analysis of three years of assessments of codevelopment and cocommercialization alliances and alliance management practices that tell us about what the best alliance professionals do to deliver value to stakeholders. We look at key elements of the operating model – how alliances operate on a day-to-day basis – and offer guidance for how to make the operations smoother, reducing duplication of effort, bridging structural differences between the partners, and establishing effective communications practices. Teams that are enthusiastic to work with their partners and better tangible outcomes are the results.

Meet Your Partners in Boston

It is probably not a stretch to say that most companies have partners somewhere in the Boston area. That’s a great reason to combine a necessary business trip with the ASAP Biopharma Conference! We are debuting a Master Class on Alliance Professionals and Joint Steering Committees: Enabling Collaborative Leadership. This Master Class highlights data taken from our work that shows a direct relationship between the effectiveness of the senior governance body and the outcomes alliances achieve. It combines elements of our Governance Bootcamp, our experiential training for governance committee members.

Whether or not an alliance professional is a named member of that senior governance body, they add value by ensuring it functions effectively, considering and anticipating issues, providing big picture guidance, and demonstrating good partnering behavior. The alliance professional serves as a trusted advisor and the right-hand of the chairman, ensuring she is well-informed, and able to appreciate how advancing the alliance is in her interests, her company’s interests, and the interests of the partner.

Using a case study to examine typical situations, we jointly develop strategies alliance professionals can use to help their Joint Steering Committees be highly functioning and guide their alliances to success.

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