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Seven Habits of Highly Effective Alliance Professionals Who Deliver Value

Habits are internalized behaviors we engage in without really thinking about them. They take practice to develop competency in and to build the muscle memory so that they become ingrained and naturally how work gets done. For alliance professionals, it is important to develop habits that lead to the mindset and services that produce the value their key stakeholders care about the most.

Alliance management is an enabling function, often without a direct line to revenue. It can be challenging for alliance professionals to measure and communicate the value of their services and to make their work visible. As a result, in times of uncertainty such as our current period, they can become an easy target for the budget axe.

With apologies to Stephen Covey, we present seven habits highly effective alliance professionals develop and practice to deliver valued services to stakeholders and make their work tangible, measurable, understood, and appreciated.

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