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An Evolution in Impact and Influence: From Function to Organizational Capability

The March 28, 2024 ASAP Webinar shared the journey savvy alliance leaders are taking to evolve their practices from a standalone function to an organizational capability. This evolution in impact and influence is essential, given that partnering is central today to most companies’ strategies.

This webinar described this capability as akin to human resources/talent development and finance in its scope and impact, interacting with nearly every function in all stages of a company’s engagement with its customers and stakeholders. It presents a practical five-part program that can be executed over time to evolve your alliance management function into an organizational capability.

The program begins with establishing a three-part baseline:

  • Measure how the current alliance management practice stacks up against leading practices
  • Assess how alliance management is perceived by key stakeholders
  • Identify the scope of relationships that require some level of alliance management process and then categorize and profile them, defining management strategies for each category

With the baseline, a plan to close immediate gaps and build a longer-term development roadmap can be put into place.

We draw our experiences with several biopharma companies on this journey to share how to:

  • Make the value of partnering visible to senior executives
  • Establish a quantifiable baseline from which future benefit can be measured
  • Create a high-performing team, staffed by people with different roles and capabilities
  • Implement an effective change management program to support the evolution from function to organizational capability

ASAP Webinars are a benefit of membership and are free to members. You can download a pdf of the webinar slides here:



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