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A Strategic Perspective on Measuring and Managing Alliance Portfolios

March 26, 2024

We are proud to once again sponsor the ASAP Global Alliance Summit being held April 29 – May 1, 2024 in Cape Coral, Florida. This not be missed cross-industry event features many opportunities to hone your alliance management skills, connect with fellow professionals, and hear from industry leaders.

New Master Class

The Rhythm of Business is offering a Master Class A Strategic Perspective on Measuring and Managing Alliance Portfolios. Collaborating is strategy today. That means it is imperative to appreciate how all collaborations are intended to contribute to a specific strategy, both individually and in the aggregate. Realizing that value requires a series of decisions regarding strategic priorities, resource allocation, and the specific activities to engage in.

We guide participants in applying a simple, yet comprehensive strategic segmentation framework to which management and staffing strategies can be aligned. We’ll use realistic industry-agnostic scenarios to provide a framework for analyzing a diverse portfolio of collaborations. The output is a holistic picture of value and risk to define specific management strategies and staffing ratios.

Based on our methodology that was included in The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner’s Guide a decade ago, this Master Class incorporates both our years of learning in implementing the method, together with advances in partnering. We’ll demonstrate how a framework of potential value relative to management complexity is easily applied across all types of collaborations to focus actions and produce desired outcomes.

Timely Panel Discussion

In addition to our Master Class, Jan Twombly is part of a cross-industry panel facilitated by Michael Moser of allianceboard exploring Harnessing Skills, Knowledge and Tools in the Evolving Alliance Management Landscape. The panel will discuss the essential knowledge an alliance professional needs to be successful today and what they will need to develop in a time when their skills are in high demand. It will also examine how technology and tools are enabling better alliance management – and what we can expect in the future. For alliance leaders, creating a solid pipeline of future leaders is essential now that collaborating is the strategy of choice for so many organizations.

Learn more about the ASAP Global Alliance Summit, including discounts for members. Contact us to inquire about bringing our Master Classes and other alliance management professional development into your organization.

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