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New Master Class Focuses on Overcoming Fundamental Differences Between Partners

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August 31, 2022

One of our favorite truisms is that alliances are conceptually simple but operationally very challenging. Frequently, these challenges include aligning different organization structures, bridging differences in resourcing prioritization, risk tolerances, or navigating internal governance and decision-making processes. Proactively addressing these common differences helps reduce team frustration and churn. It reduces the chance for delays in decision-making that erode values and potentially postpone the realization of milestones. It helps prevent decisions from being sub-optimized just to get to an agreement. The alliance professional who leads on developing an understanding of their partner’s structure, operations, and culture, guiding the governance committees and teams to find an “alliance way,” delivers great value to their stakeholders.

Our new master class, Using the Power of Positive Influence to Bridge Differences and Drive Alliance Value debuts at the 2022 ASAP Biopharma Conference in Boston, MA, September 28 – 30. Following a very successful Global Alliance Summit in April, the industry-standard Biopharma Conference is back in person and promises to be a great event!

During our interactive session, we will offer proven frameworks to think about and plan how to approach situations where the partners have fundamental differences in critical philosophies about and processes for drug development, medical affairs, or commercial launches. We focus on using the alliance professionals’ “secret weapon”—the knowledge, insights, and relationships you have about your partner to wield your superpower of using positive influence to help people understand how they benefit from doing what is right for the alliance.

We share a purposeful thought process based on the norm of reciprocity that underlies all collaborative behavior to analyze and understand who must be influenced and how to do so. We then extend that to structuring complex decisions and resolving differences of opinion to expeditiously arrive at an aligned outcome that achieves the greatest possible value for all.

Master class participants use a fictitious but very real case study to apply the frameworks and learn from each other’s experiences. Join us at the Biopharma Conference for a great workshop with the growing ASAP community of alliance professionals.

This session is also available as a digitally-delivered workshop customized for your company, or even better, an in-person expanded workshop. Don’t forget to include social activity after in-person workshops to celebrate being back together and everyone’s hard work over the past two years!

Contact to learn more.   

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