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As Seen in Strategic Alliance Quarterly: The Joint Steering Committee as a Beacon of Collaborative Leadership

Board of directors or rubber stamp

December 14, 2023

Leading alliances do better at realizing their intended value, aligning around a strategy, and making decisions in a timely manner. One reason? Their Joint Steering Committees (JSC) are more effective.

Our Q4 2023 article for Strategic Alliance Quarterly presents data demonstrating effective Joint Steering Committees (or any other senior-most executive alliance governance committee) preside over alliances that get better results. 50% better results. Those results are two-fold: program results such as alliance goals being met more frequently and important collaborative results such as team enthusiasm for working with partners.

What makes a JSC more effective than others? They are clear on their role as executive leaders, providing strategic guidance and oversight. They are collaborative leaders, building a one-team mentality. And they drive decision making that creates value for the partners and patients.

Alliance professionals’ role is to help their JSCs be effective by being proactive, recognizing how all the pieces connect, and being excellent communicators. For each of the ways in which JSCs can be more effective, the article describes an example and gives guidance on specific actions the alliance professional can take to lead their JSC to greater effectiveness.

Data developed from our work with multiple alliances provides insight into the significant differences between highly performing alliances and all the rest.

We welcome your inquiries into how we can help your JSCs become exemplars of success with your guidance.


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