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Alliance Management

Consulting and Training

Strategic alliances and collaboration are conceptually simple and operationally very challenging. Grow your ability to drive measurable results from strategic alliances and business partnerships with The Rhythm of Business as your guide.

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Empowering Partnering and Collaboration Success

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Consulting, training, and coaching to build your alliance management function, team, and capability.

Hands on support

Hands-on support to design and launch new alliances and partnerships.

Data Rich Assessment

Data-rich assessments to get to the root of underperformance and inefficiency in alliances and drive demonstrable improvement.

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Better alliance management through implementing a digital platform to scale, simplify, and provide a system of record for alliances and partnerships.

The Partnering Guide™

Our most recent publications, presentations, and posts.

Kensington High on Alliance Management
Kensington High on Alliance Management

Next to Hyde Park and a stone’s throw from Kensington Palace, alliance practitioners, advisors, and academics gathered at the Royal Garden Hotel on Kensington High Street, London September 20-22 for the ASAP European Alliance Summit. The conference was the perfect mix...

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Let Us Guide You

Baseline Alliance Management

Baseline your alliance management function against leading practices and chart a path forward to operational excellence.

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Create your alliance management playbook to prepare your team for consistent and effective implementation of leading practices.

Evolve alliance management

Evolve your alliance management function from a loosely knit group of individual contributors to a high-performing team.

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Integrate alliances and alliance management into company strategy, operations, and execution.

Principles of alliance management

Apply the principles of alliance management to drive agile and effective cross-functional and cross-business collaboration.

Case Studies - people in attending a hybrid meeting

Learn from realistic case studies to develop the mindset and skillset of alliance managers, teams, and executives to effectively work with partners.

Alliance management  Toolkit

Build your alliance management toolkit with manual and digitized templates and workflow.

Economic model

Evolve the economic model, operating framework, and governance structure of an alliance to align with its current and future business opportunity.

Overall portfolio

Evaluate your overall portfolio, developing overarching management strategies and prioritizing how alliance management professionals are deployed.

Vital Signs

Go beyond the health check with VitalSigns™ to gain actionable insights into the operating effectiveness of complex alliances.

Thought-Provoking Presentations

Techniques for Consensus Decision Making
Techniques for Consensus Decision Making

Alliances frequently operate with consensus decision making. Explore the benefits and challenges of achieving consensus. Learn techniques that will help your alliance make the best decisions it can.  

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Language of Collaboration
Language of Collaboration

Listening to understand and speaking to be understood is one of the core skills of collaboration. A three-part process to get it right is described together with guidelines for establishing protocols.  

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Top Five Opportunities for Alliance Management Excellence
Top Five Opportunities for Alliance Management Excellence

What differentiates great alliance professionals from good ones? The great ones strive for excellence in everything they do, getting a little bit better every day. We’re advocates of learning and continuous improvement—it is the essence of the iterative development...

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