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New Master Class Focuses on Overcoming Fundamental Differences Between Partners
1. Partnering Guide / August 31st, 2022
One of our favorite truisms is that alliances are conceptually simple but operationally very challenging. Frequently, these challenges include aligning different organization structures, bridging differences in resourcing prioritization, risk tolerances, or navigating internal governance and decision-making processes. Proactively addressing these common differences helps reduce team frustration and churn. It reduces the chance for delays in decision making that erode values  and potentially postpone the realization of milestones. It helps prevent decisions from being sub-optimized just to get to an agreement. The alliance professional who leads on developing understanding of their partner’s structure, operations, and culture, guiding the governance committees and teams to find an “alliance way,” delivers great value to their stakeholders.

Our new master class, Using the Power of Positive Influence to Bridge Differences and Drive Alliance Value debuts at the 2022 ASAP Biopharma Conference in Boston, MA, September 28 – 30. Following a very successful Global Alliance Summit in April, the industry standard Biopharma Conference is back in person and promises to be a great e...
Show a Little Alliance Management Love for Medical Affairs Presented at ASAP Biopharma Conference
4. News and Events / September 24th, 2019
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The 2019 ASAP Biopharma Conference is in full swing, with record attendance. The opening day included a session moderated by Jan Twombly, President, The Rhythm of Business on why collaboration between medical affairs teams in complex alliances is crucial and how alliance managers can be certain they are positioned for success, thereby increasing the likelihood the alliance will achieve its intended va...