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Show a Little Alliance Management Love for Medical Affairs Presented at ASAP Biopharma Conference
4. News and Events / September 24th, 2019     A+ | a-
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The 2019 ASAP Biopharma Conference is in full swing, with record attendance. The opening day included a session moderated by Jan Twombly, President, The Rhythm of Business on why collaboration between medical affairs teams in complex alliances is crucial and how alliance managers can be certain they are positioned for success, thereby increasing the likelihood the alliance will achieve its intended value.

The medical affairs is engaged at nearly every key value inflection point in an alliance. During the development stage, they are the keeper of the scientific data and narrative that informs Congress presentations and shapes Key Opinion Leaders’ (KOLs) perspectives on the drug. At commercial launch, their deep relationships with medical professionals play a key role in the success of that launch. Once launched, their finely tuned “ear on the market” can pick up early warning signs of gaps in the data or drug-to-drug interactions and get out in front before value erodes.

Participants learned to show a little “alliance management love” for medical affairs through:
  • Dos and don’ts relative to the contractual aspects of medical affairs
  • Getting the alignment right between the global aspects of medical affairs and the territorial orientation of the commercial team
  • Leading practices for driving collaborative planning, clear decision-making structures, and processes for publications, health economics outcomes research, and other activities that are essential for developing and disseminating scientific evidence 
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