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Alliance Managers Find They Have the Control and Influence to Empower Collaborative Leadership
1. Partnering Guide / April 2nd, 2019     A+ | a-
Author: Jan Twombly

At the recent ASAP Global Alliance Summit, we conducted an abbreviated version of our workshop, Own Your Transformation: A Five-Point Agenda for Empowering Collaborative Leadership, with alliance professionals from info tech, biopharma, and fintech, as well as other industries where partnering is as essential as the technology. The objective of the session was to design a collaborative leadership system to break through the barriers organizations typically put up to true collaboration.

A leadership system is a set of interdependent and reinforcing mechanisms through which leadership is exercised. It includes the means for decision making and execution, performance management, and accountability, to name but a few components. Reshaping these to enable a partnering ready organization is essential for digital business transformation.

Like our workshop participants, you are probably reading this and thinking, “I can’t change those things!” When the workshop participants dug in, they realized there are many areas they can influence, if not control, especially when thinking about a specific alliance or their team in addition to the organization overall. The transformation starts with you!

Here is an excerpt from our workshop and the collaborative leadership system designed by the workshop participants is included, labeled as “participant input.” Adapting the leadership system is an essential component of a partnering-ready organization. It is more within your control than you may think. 
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