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Two New Alliance and Partnership Management Training Programs Kickoff 2019 Learning in Action Agenda
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Build speed and agility into partnership development and management by acting like a startup business. Drive customer-obsessed partnering outcomes by demonstrating collaborative leadership. Our two new Learning in Action™ programs help you and your team “get smart quickly” and drive business transformation.  

The Rhythm of Business announces two new Learning in Action™ opportunities to help businesses create and grow the partnerships and alliances they need in order to provide the transformative outcomes customers seek. These programs are delivered in person for maximum learning and include: principles, guidance and tools, application through either a case study or working an actual situation—potentially with a partner—activation support, as well as tracking and reporting of success metrics. Program descriptions and links to session overviews and sample content follow.

The Minimum Viable Partnership:  Act Like a Startup
A new partnership is a lot like a new business startup. To get into the market with customers at the speed of business today, potential partners should act like a startup and build a Minimum Viable Partnership. This Learning in Action program helps you apply the principles of the rhythm of business methodology—in essence what is known today as “lean startup”to learn as quickly and inexpensively as possible if your partnership can build what it takes to succeed.

Participants learn how to:
  • Align around a “North Star,” creating the vision that is the reason for partnering
  • Craft a holistic value assumption, describing the tangible and intangible value to be created for customers, stakeholders, the partnering companies, and the ecosystem  
  • Design a Minimum Viable Partnership by answering just seven questions
  • Continuously test the value assumption, the partnership model, and the partnership offering in the market with paying customers, based on a data driven evaluation
  • Recognize when it is time to scale, while keeping the startup mindset and ways of working
The Minimum Viable Partnership builds trust among the partners from Day One simply by aligning and working together to reach the North Star. It incorporates proven partnering success factors—at the speed of business today.

Learn more and view a session overview and sample content.

Own Your Transformation: Drive Technology + Partnering Outcomes by Closing the Collaboration Gap
The evidence is mounting: the more collaborative an organization, the better able it is to profit from customer-obsessed business model transformation enabled by advances in technology and science. Be it BioTech, MedTech, InfoTech, or FinTech, Technology + Partnering together are rewiring organizations, reshaping cultures—and redefining what it means to be a leader.

Executives like to think their organizations collaborate well. Employees—especially those in the critical middle management roles—point to all the ways collaborative work gets undermined. Closing this gap requires leaders to overcome years of internally-focused organization culture, structure, and ways of working.

Transforming leadership starts with you.

In this Learning in Action program you create a five-point agenda for empowering your own collaborative leadership by:
  • Examining leadership style and assessing the ways in which it promotes or impedes collaboration
  • Identifying and appreciating the overlooked barriers to collaboration in an organization’s culture and ways of working
  • Defining the elements of a leadership system that empowers operating in a truly collaborative manner—where all forms of value are recognized; purposeful, agile teams form and disband with ease, accountability is shared by all, and people are empowered to act 
  • Evaluating which elements of a collaborative leadership system you can control and where you have influence, but not control
  • Creating a milestone-driven roadmap to affect change in yourself, your alliances, your team, your organization  
Alliance and partnering professionals are the tip of the spear, leading their companies to a more collaborative way of working. Armed with data, stories, and practical, value-creating actions, this Learning in Action program helps you close the collaboration gap and realize desired partnering outcomes.

Learn more and view a session overview and sample content.

About Learning in Action™ Programs
All Learning in Action programs include a baseline assessment to inform the course content and identify success metrics. We work with you to create the program best suited to your needs. Sessions are facilitated by Jan Twombly, CSAP and/or Jeff Shuman, CSAP, PhD, experts and pioneers in developing and teaching entrepreneurial thinking, collaboration, and alliance and partner management.

 A comprehensive report out from the workshop captures participant input and provides a detailed action plan. Post workshop, multiple coaching calls help drive implementation and track metrics, demonstrating tangible outcomes.

To get started on your Learning in Action program, contact Jeff Shuman at
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