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Creating Your Minimum Viable Partnership on the Agenda at ASAP European Alliance Summit
4. News and Events / October 15th, 2018     A+ | a-
The Rhythm of Business is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring the 2018 ASAP European Alliance Summit in Amsterdam, 8-9 November 2018. Now in its fourth year, the conference brings together alliance and partnering practitioners from across industries and from many countries for two days of networking, presentations, and learning from each other about how to drive business outcomes through partnering.

Jan Twombly, President of The Rhythm of Business is presenting a session titled Partnering at the Speed of Business, Creating Your Minimum Viable Partnership. This timely session addresses Technology + Partnering as the formula for success in customer-obsessed business transformation. Bringing multiple companies together to create a joint solution adds complexities not faced by a single company innovating and going to market alone. It is no secret—partnering practices have to operate at the speed of business and keep pace with how their customers define value.

Drawing on the concept of Minimum Viable Product, The Rhythm of Business is working to conquer complexities and partner faster by simplifying alliance design to the core elements of a partnership and create a Minimum Viable Partnership (MVP). By focusing on building just enough trust among partners to test a value assumption in the marketplace and streamlining the components of the alliance business model, companies are getting to market faster, learning what works, iterating, and then scaling with much greater insight, knowledge, and trust among the partners.

For more information about implementing the MVP alliance design process, see our blog, Designing the Why, What, and How of Your MVP—Minimum Viable Partnership or access our presentation from the 2018 ASAP Global Alliance Summit.  
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