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Taming the Octopus: Managing the Web of Clinical Collaborations
4. News and Events / July 1st, 2018     A+ | a-
Jan Twombly, president of The Rhythm of Business is joined by Judy Baselice, director, alliance management at Pfizer and Ellen Locker, executive director, alliance management Merck & Co. at the 2018 ASAP Biopharma Conference in an interactive discussion about the complex web of agreements, restrictions, and obligations resulting from the explosion of clinical collaborations to create combination therapies.

Featuring research conducted by The Rhythm of Business, as well as practical insights from alliance professionals who are adapting and iterating "best practices" every day to realize value and manage the risks of clinical collaborations. Join the conversation and help develop leading practices for:
  • Scaling the management of the many contractual obligations and restrictions these collaborations present
  • Surfacing the implications for global regulatory and market access strategies of the underlying standalone drugs
  • Proactively identifying and acting on the emerging governance priorities and structures for combination clinical collaborations
  • Building firewalls and other safeguards against intellectual property (IP) contamination or dilution
The Rhythm of Business is a gold sponsor of the 2018 ASAP Biopharma Conference
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