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Joint Development of Complex Solutions Requires Extreme Partnering
4. News and Events / February 8th, 2018     A+ | a-
Mini-workshop at ASAP Global Alliance Summit, March 28, 2018 mixes partnering acumen with entrepreneurial know how to present a framework for co-creating complex solutions at the speed of business.
Join Jan Twombly and Jeff Shuman at the 2018 ASAP Global Alliance Summit as they draw upon cross-industry experiences and engage conference participants in a focused look at the extreme partnering required to recognize a customer need or market opportunity and take a proposed solution from idea to monetization—at the speed required by quickly advancing technologies and demanding customers. A mix of partnering acumen and entrepreneurial know how is key. Cross-functional collaboration, as well as driving alignment between corporate, business unit, and field organizations is essential.
Today’s alliance professionals are increasingly expected to lead and navigate this fast-paced world where the internal collaboration is as complex as the ecosystem of partners involved. Increasingly, the partners are cross industry and entail a variety of partnering models.
Drawing upon experiences guiding complex co-development and co-commercialization alliances from idea to monetization, this interactive, mini-workshop leads participants through several of the key elements of solution development, building a framework that they can use in future endeavors. It exposes key elements of the entrepreneurial mindset, including a customer-in perspective and the critical role of data-driven assumption validation.
Framework components covered include:
  • Deciding on an economic and operating model – how the two are linked and legal traps to be mindful of in designing them
  • Managing intellectual property – yours, mine, and ours
  • Driving alignment internally and within the relevant partner ecosystem
  • Elements of market readiness – developing the collaborative mindset in the field
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