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Can a 'Dinosaur' Dance in Its Fourth Industrial Age Ecosystem?
5. Case Studies / February 6th, 2018     A+ | a-
The technologies of the Fourth Industrial Age have greatly magnified the speed, scale, and scope of partnering required to develop the complex solutions companies need to win with today’s powerful customers.

It requires new partnering models and the ability to quickly orchestrate the right mix of partners—many of whom could be very different from a company’s typical partners.

With our partner Alliancesphere, we saw the opportunity for our client, a well-known technology company thought to be a bit of a dinosaur, to assume a role as thought leader and orchestrator in the evolving ecosystem. Working with the channels acceleration team, we guided strategy development and helped management to think about partnering in a whole new way. Working with leadership, we developed a campaign of white papers and presentations so executives could share what it takes to partner in this new world. The channels acceleration team hardened a number of use-case-specific solutions, solving billion-dollar problems. The company is recognized by analysts as one of the leading players in helping its customers use new technologies for advantage.
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