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Ironing Out the Differences in a Billion-Dollar Initiative
5. Case Studies / February 6th, 2018     A+ | a-
Two tech giants saw an opportunity to launch a significant new initiative within an already existing alliance.

But no one from either partner was comfortable taking on the entrepreneurial and collaborative challenge of designing the offering and preparing to get and go to market.

It also required developing a new contract and carefully segmenting the shared customer base between each partner’s sometimes competing professional services organizations and sales teams.

To multiply the challenges, neither party was able to get together face-to-face to work out differences. Amidst these difficult circumstances, together with our strategic partner, Alliancesphere, we facilitated joint sessions and smaller breakouts in two locations, plus engaged several remote participants, alternating between video conference, web conference, and teleconference, to ultimately arrive at an agreed plan to shape this billion dollar initiative.
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