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A Turnkey Partnering Center of Excellence
5. Case Studies / February 6th, 2018     A+ | a-
A global biopharma company with a large number of alliances and other collaborations-- academia, service providers, consortia, emerging biotechs, and other big pharma-- engaged us to create both in-person and online alliance management training and tools, customized for their portfolio and way of working.

The participants were to include both alliance managers and alliance team members who regularly interacted with partners.

We delivered a turnkey comprehensive curriculum covering alliance management principles and practices, such as launching an alliance, designing and running governance, understanding alliance finances, and measurement and reporting. We also created specific modules on collaborative problem solving, the impact of culture on alliances, and understanding motivations. All of the courses and modules included case studies, as well as a toolkit. The curriculum forms the basis of the company’s alliance management center of excellence.
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