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Optimize The Portfolio to Drive Growth
5. Case Studies / December 22nd, 2017     A+ | a-
A change in strategy in this software company led to a rethinking of partnering strategy and a realization that 90% of business was coming from 10% of the partner portfolio.

The new company strategy required much broader engagement and for partners to represent a broader array of the company’s products. Using our Partner Portfolio Manager™ software-as-a-service and analysis, together with our partner Alliancesphere, we conducted an evaluation of the partner portfolio, engaging a broad array of stakeholders in a crowd sourced data-gathering process. Our analysis resulted in creating four specific management strategies, one of which was applied to each partner in the portfolio—and highlighted the capabilities to seek in new partners. The company’s growth since this time has been in double digits and its reputation as a partner of choice has grown.
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