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Informed Leadership Overcomes Cultures in Conflict
5. Case Studies / December 21st, 2017     A+ | a-
This pre-commercial biotech suffered from a legacy not-invented-here syndrome and saw partnering as a necessary evil-done strictly as a vehicle to finance the company.

The new head of business development recognized this would pose a problem attracting premier partners with whom to move to Phase III and take the product to market. A change management initiative was needed. We conducted a Listening Tour of all key stakeholders to understand attitudes and uncover the source of the mindset—and realized that this small company had multiple cultures at odds with each other. To drive change, we started at the top—with the executive leadership team.

It wasn’t exactly a message they wanted to hear—but leaders grasped the problems of clashing legacy cultures and the need to evolve—and lead. This led to an ongoing series of formal and informal educational opportunities, together with a regular alignment check-ins among senior leaders to ensure they were "walking the talk."
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