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Outsourced Service Providers or An Ecosystem of Strategic Partners?
1. Partnering Guide / August 30th, 2017     A+ | a-
AUTHOR: Jan Twombly
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The July/August issue of Pharmaceutical Outsourcing features our recent article on building the mindset, skillset, and toolset to collaborate with providers—and maximize the performance of your biopharma ecosystem.

The article highlights Forma Therapeutics, a quickly growing integrated drug discovery and development company, that has a very collaborative and innovative culture that clearly works to its benefit. The Company just announced an extension of its 2014 collaboration with Celgene to “evaluate additional therapeutic candidates across important emerging target families in the areas of protein homeostasis, inflammation & immunology, and neurodegeneration.”

As Mary Kachinsky, Vice President, Strategic Sourcing and Operations at Forma reports, “The relationships we have with our providers become an important ingredient in how successfully we can engage with them. We collaborate with our service provider partners as part of the team. We engage as if they are part of the Forma community—which they are.” In this way, the collective power of the ecosystem can be brought to bear to solve real problems for patients and deliver on business goals and objectives. “We get more value created this way than we would otherwise,” is how she puts it.

Learn what it takes to become a “partner of choice” among the service provider community that is an essential component of the biopharma ecosystem, and leverage its knowledge and resources to achieve success.


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