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The Demand for Alliance Management Grows—and Paradoxically It Must Prove Its Value
4. News and Events / October 12th, 2020     A+ | a-
The Rhythm of Business’ presentation at the 2020 Strategic Alliance Management Congress offers a path to focusing on value key stakeholders recognize while meeting growing demand.

As biopharma companies evolve their business models in response to economic pressures, changing patient expectations, and new technologies that are powering everything from drug discovery to the sales process, alliances and partnerships multiply. The demand for managing alliances grows, yet in a pandemic environment, uncertainty is constraining resources and budgets making it an imperative to prove the value of the alliance management function.

On October 27, Jan Twombly, president of The Rhythm of Business and an ASAP Board of Directors member, will present her company’s prescription for maximizing the ability of alliance managers to deliver value to their organizations. She will discuss three influencing factors:
  1. The profile of the alliance portfolio – the criticality of each partnership to the business, the degree of internal cross-functional engagement, and the interconnectivity with other partners
  2. The alliance management services required – given the profile, the sophistication and range of services that are of greatest value to stakeholders as they pursue the objectives of the alliances
  3. The alliance management resources available – the organization and allocation of available professional expertise over the portfolio and the development and deployment of adjunct resources to handle routine matters
Twombly will present strategies for standardizing alliance profiles and matching them with resourcing schemes and service plans that focus on the services stakeholders value most. She will share a three-part formula for demonstrating the value of an alliance management function and discuss the importance of creating visibility into the work of alliance managers through the adoption of a digital system of record for alliances.

To read about some of The Rhythm of Business’ earlier work on this topic access our whitepaper The Demand for Alliance Management Has Changed: Are You Ready? Or view our ASAP Netcast Reimagining Alliance Management as an Agile Capability When Business as Usual is Just Too Hard

Now in its 17th year, Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Strategic Alliance Management Congress is a networking event for building relationships and pharmaceutical advancement. The Rhythm of Business is a corporate sponsor of the conference.
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