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Think Your Company is SMART? Check Out Your Score on The SMART Partnering Spectrum
1. Partnering Guide / April 25th, 2015     A+ | a-
AUTHOR: Jan Twombly

We are pleased to offer a complimentary SMART Partnering Assessment of your company’s partnering capability. Simply complete this brief 15 question, 5-minute survey and you will be provided with customized feedback from the SMART Partnering Alliance – The Rhythm of Business and Alliancesphere.

You’ll be amazed at how these simple questions accurately pinpoint where your company is in its developing partnering capability – and the insight the free feedback offers in how to focus your efforts. Use the report we provide to:

  • Paint the picture for senior executives about why partnering must be integrated throughout the organization

  • Prioritize the efforts of the alliance team in building the mindset, skillset and toolset of partnering

  • Provide evidence to support needed resources for integrating partnering in upstream and/or downstream operations

It is time to inject partnering into your company’s DNA - to “bake it” into strategy development, resource allocation and the execution of strategy. From the executive suite to the field, across business units and functions, and in metrics and financial systems, the partnering gene must be developed if organizations are to thrive in the new era of connected ecosystems.

Take the next step in your journey by completing the SMART Partnering Assessment today.

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