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On the Agenda at the ASAP Global Alliance Summit
4. News and Events / June 21st, 2020     A+ | a-
The Summit may be virtual this year, but The Rhythm of Business is very much engaged. We are proud to be long-time members, sponsors, and contributors to the ASAP community and to participate in this first virtual Global Alliance Summit.

 - We’re presenting On Demand Session 502, The Alliance Management Mashup: Bridging the Digital Divide
 - Jan Twombly is moderating live stream Session 207 Biopharma Commercial Alliance Management Challenges on Thursday, June 25 at 11:15 am EDT
 - We are also hosting an exclusive virtual executive roundtable on Reimaging Alliance Management for the Next Normal on Thursday, June 25 from 9:00 – 10:00am EDT.

In The Alliance Management Mashup we introduce the quickly developing digital health industry that by definition is based on partnering and alliances. COVID-19 has only accelerated its promise and growth. The session explores the ways in which technology and biopharma companies innovate, go-to-market, and partner differently—and how the alliance manager’s jobs are different in the two industries. We use a case study drawn from a real alliance to examine the value assumption and underlying business model of a typical digital health alliance. We apply our Alliance Management Foundation to offer guidance on how to bridge the differences in company structure, roles, governance, and culture. We’ll post the presentation to our website after the Summit is over.
Biopharma Commercial Alliance Management Challenges is a panel with three experienced alliance professionals. We will be discussing how to keep partners aligned to ensure the commercial strategy is implemented in a way that maximizes the value of the product. These fast-paced alliances can have a myriad of complexities and challenges, including implementing a global strategy in countries that have different regulatory and pricing requirements, misaligned forecasts, and supply challenges. Summit attendees will get a wealth of actionable advice.
Even before COVID-19 biopharmaceutical alliance managers were dealing with an increased demand for their services as companies’ alliance portfolios continued to grow in size and complexity. Now there is a new urgency to rethink how alliance management is done. Our Virtual Executive Roundtable Reimaging Alliance Management for the Next Normal is a discussion about rethinking how alliance management practices are implemented and the capability is organized and resourced to meet growing and changing demand. If you are a biopharma alliance executive and would like to join, email Space is limited. We will post a summary of the discussion after the Summit.
Finally, we are offering a complementary assessment of how you can benefit from applying agile principles to your alliance management practice for Summit attendees. If you would like to take advantage of this, please reach out to either Jan Twombly  or Jeff Shuman  and we will make arrangements either during the week of the Summit or after it.
Enjoy the Summit!
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