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Creating Agile Businesses
3. Entrepreneurial Classics / June 1st, 2002

Authors: Jeff Shuman and Jan Twombly

A Business Week cover story makes the observation that “Suddenly, running GE is a whole new ball game.” Of course they’re right. But let’s be honest, in our increasingly interconnected, customer-centric global economy, successfully running GE, or f...

Everyone is a Customer
3. Entrepreneurial Classics / March 1st, 2001

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Authors Jeff Shuman and Jan Twombly

We are living in volatile times. It seems that everything that was true about business is no longer true.

Why is that? Very simply, it’s because of two fundamental truths of the networked economy:

The power in business relationships ha...

Developing Your Sense of Timing In Business
3. Entrepreneurial Classics / November 1st, 2000

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Authors Jeff Shuman and Jan Twombly

Everyone knows that timing is important in life. Can you think of a single human activity where timing isn’t an essential component? Timing is fundamental! Timing is everything! PERIOD!

Webster’s defines timing as “Selection or the abi...

The Only Sustainable Competitive Advantage
3. Entrepreneurial Classics / November 1st, 2000

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Author: Jeff Shuman and Jan Twombly

Over the entire history of business analysis, the conventional wisdom has been that if you have an idea for a business and the idea is good and you implement the idea correctly, the business will succeed. If the idea is bad or you fail to imple...

A Business Pattern for the Networked Economy 
3. Entrepreneurial Classics / May 2nd, 2000

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Author: Jeff Shuman and Jan Twombly

Sir Francis Bacon was right… Knowledge is Power! Consequently, one of the most profound implications of the rapid shift to the networked economy is the unparalleled access to knowledge everyone now has. As a result, customers really do have t...

Sitting in the Customer's Chair
3. Entrepreneurial Classics / August 1st, 1998

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Author: Jan Twombly

Is your attention focused on pleasing yourself or your customers? For too many entrepreneurs, surprisingly, the answer is they’re bent on pleasing themselves.

To help you understand what we mean, let’s take a look at James, an entrepreneur friend of our...

Finding Your Pushcart
3. Entrepreneurial Classics / July 1st, 1998

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Authors: Jeff Shuuman and Jan Twombly

Start small. Most businesses start small out of necessity. The entrepreneur doesn’t have the personal finances or the backers to start big. Of course, the entrepreneur would like to start big. Many entrepreneurs think they need the scale of...

You Can't Get It Right the First Time
3. Entrepreneurial Classics / March 1st, 1998

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Authors Jeff Shuman and Jan Twombly

Entrepreneurship has never been more popular or more important. By most estimates millions of businesses are started every year in the United States and around the world. But there’s a dark side to these statistics. Two out of three of these...