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Our Philosophy: Best Practices Aren’t Sufficient

Partnering fundamentals are essential—but insufficient for the complexity and dynamics of business today. If you seek business outcomes through partnering, you must holistically manage complexity, foster agility, and build innovation into everything you do. So called “best practices” are not best for your business—by definition they normalize differences and encourage mediocrity.

The Rhythm of Business employs the principles of design thinking and lean startup—the essence of the rhythm of business methodology:

Partnering requires entrepreneurial agility. The Rhythm of Business guides you to identify critical assumptions and the data needed to validate or invalidate them as quickly as possible. If not valid, we help you iterate your assumptions quickly, saving resources to allocate to a better approach.

How We Work With You

The Rhythm of Business works as an extension of your team, augmenting your resources and serving as your trusted advisor.

As an extension of your team we take on specific projects that benefit from our expertise, experience, and commitment to your success.

Often we develop or improve organizational structure—e.g. moving from a centralized alliance management group to a decentralized or next generation partnering everywhere design. We help organizations mature from vertical, functionally based structures into holistic, programmatic structures focused on the solution ecosystem and customers.

Almost always, we help our clients iterate practices, processes, roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, then integrate them into corporate governance. By creating a common platform for partnering throughout the organization and managing a dynamic, complex portfolio of partners, we ensure you can flex to work with different types of partners.

Industrial Internet. The IoT. Digital Transformation.

It Takes Partnering to Deliver the Goods.

Recent research confirms it: The companies that excel at digital transformation are the ones that collaborate well—internally and externally. We help companies build the mindset, skillset, and toolset required for next generation partnering in a world of accelerating change.

We augment your resources—stepping in to negotiate agreements, building and guiding the implementation of launch plans, intervening in challenging situations with data-driven assessments, and facilitating a path forward.

Alliances in formation count on us to help shape their operating, governance, and economic models. We help provide “guardrails” that can be documented in a contract, but don’t overly constrain the partners as the business develops.

We help drive the crucial and time-intensive startup stage, ensuring it gets to steady-state operations, be that in research, product development, or commercialization. We’ll get governance in place, work plans developed, teams collaborating, and management receiving regular reports. Think of us as an outsourced program and alliance management team.

Alliance Management.

Keep Your Capability on the Cutting Edge.

Alliance managers today must do more than mitigate risk—you must create, deliver, and capture value through partnering. Take your capability to the next level—with The Rhythm of Business at your side.

We are your trusted advisor, providing leadership a steady expert voice amidst storms of conflicting advice. We are your channel for the emerging, leading practices for partnering in our rapidly evolving world.

We also show up with our toolbox. Our proprietary measurement tools bring leaders the voice of their partners, their customers, and their stakeholders. With these voices, we chart the route to better outcomes for all. Get to the root of an underperforming or dysfunctional alliance with our VitalSigns™ Alliance Operational Effectiveness Assessment—and create alignment around a new “North Star” to guide your Executive Sponsors and Steering Committee along the increasingly complex partnering journey.

Our publications and presentations inject current, groundbreaking, and actionable insights into the management conversation. Our highly accessible thought leadership informs your organization’s practices and helps build higher-level consensus around partnering strategy and execution.

There is no aspect of partnering that is easy. You face the challenges—and rewards—of pursuing a common objective across corporate boundaries, strategies, cultures, and ways of working. We’re a shoulder to lean on, a sounding board to bounce ideas off of, a voice of the third way you may never have found to resolve an issue or solve a problem.