Alliance Management Consulting and Training, Partnering Frameworks and Tools, Collaborative Leadership

The Demand for Alliance Management Grows

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Alliances and partnerships are conceptually simple—and very challenging operationally. That’s why they need the leadership of trained alliance professionals. Our digitally-delivered, scenario-based Learning in Action™ training and coaching services provide alliance managers with experience in applying leading practices.

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Learn core alliance management practices to maximize alliance value

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Apply the principles of agile management to focus alliance practices on what stakeholders’ value most

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Build skills to bridge differences and get results from partnering in a remote-work environment

We make use of a variety of digital facilitation and meeting tools to apply adult learning principles and ensure an interactive and engaging experience for all.

Not everyone is an alliance manager, but everyone needs alliance skills.

Alliance Training for Executives and Team Members

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Learn about the new business models behind digital health alliances

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Apply a collaborative approach to solving complex problems and negotiating to obtain the best outcomes

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Build skills to effectively gain stakeholder commitment and support for alliance objectives

Training can be customized for the governance and team members of a specific alliance or delivered to a more general audience.

"The best training on alliances and partnerships."

–Alliance Director, External Innovation

Selected Course Offerings

Courses are offered as standalone or integrated into a comprehensive curriculum. The table represents a selection of courses we’ve delivered in the past. We create custom courses to meet your unique needs.

Preview Course Descriptions
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Course Alliance Professionals Governance Committee Members Project Team Members
Key Practices and Tools throughout the Alliance Lifecycle
Alliance Governance Bootcamp
Delivering Value: The Alliance Management Work Plan
Applying Agile Management Principles
Alliance Risk Management
Alliance Startups
Digital Health Alliances
Collaborative Problem Solving
Collaboration: An Essential Strategic Ability

Collaborative Leadership Development

The behaviors leaders demonstrate toward partners together with their attitudes and beliefs about collaborating influence the entire organization. It impacts their company’s ability to partner with the most desirable companies.

The Collaborative Index™ establishes a baseline measurement of collaborative ability. The results are used to design and build a program for individual and organizational leadership development.

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Measure How Collaborative Ability Impacts Performance

  • Measures if individuals behave in a way that is aligned with their beliefs about collaborative leadership
  • Assesses if individuals engage in the right collaborative leadership activities and have the skills to do them well
  • Produces an individual metric – the Collaborative Index – that can be tied to performance measures
  • Informs individual leadership development efforts

Collaborative ability of more than 7,000 individuals measured

"The scenarios were very relevant and applicable beyond alliance relationships. It really hit home with me addressing communication and managing expectations with the partner."

–Global Project Leader

Digital Transformation of Alliance Management Has Arrived

Digital transformation services offered in partnership with allianceboard:

  • Automates the routine work of alliance management, providing time for higher value services
  • Drives consistency in alliance process, allowing easier scaling of alliances under management
  • Creates a system of record for alliances, holding a complete history of alliance activity
  • Helps stakeholders learn their roles in alliance success
  • Makes alliances visible and accessible to senior executives with interactive, on-demand reporting

The workshop-based approach:

  • Guides your team through the required decisions about process, taxonomy, workflow, users, reporting, and more
  • Helps shape a pilot program and provides an orientation to initial users
  • Designs the training and support for a larger scale rollout

"Well paced, very interactive and very relevant, and Jan and Jeff are a great team … thank you!!"

—Joint Steering Committee Leader
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Watch this brief video to see how allianceboard facilitates the digital transformation of alliance management.

Read our article as published in Strategic Alliance Quarterly to learn more about why the time has come to digitize alliance management.

A Sample of Companies Benefiting from Our Alliance Management Training Programs

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"A very valuable series of sessions through which we gained many new insights on the nature of alliances, the opportunities they offer and the pitfalls to avoid and, most importantly, how to make collaborations work."

–Market Access Manager