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VitalSigns™ is designed to:

  • Highlight strategic tensions between partners that impact operations
  • Identify gaps in the perceptions of members about the operations and outcomes of the alliance
  • Suggest opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of alliance operations and better leverage the alliance’s resources
  • Produce a set of metrics that can be tracked and compared over time

To learn more about partnering for healthy outcomes, download VitalSigns™ case studies and our assessment framework. (pdf).

VitalSigns™ Collaboration Assessment

VitalSigns is our answer to alliance health checks. It focuses on the effectiveness of the collaboration in achieving desired outcomes—not on what each partner is doing right or wrong. Built on our framework for high-performing collaborations (graphic), VitalSigns asks and answers these questions:

  • Is the alliance generating the outcomes the partners seek?
  • Is the operating environment conducive to generating outstanding outcomes?
  • Is the collaboration among team members effectively leveraging the resources and currencies of the partners to produce outstanding outcomes?

Typical alliance health checks focus on “fit.” VitalSigns focuses on outcomes—and looks at alliances as entrepreneurial entities with a willingness to engage in learning to achieve ever greater success.

“Good enough” never is.

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