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    Our clients describe our reputation better than we ever could:

    “It is a pleasure to work with The Rhythm of Business! They have been our partners in establishing alliance management within Astellas, growing the collaborative ability of our organization, and supporting us in expanding our influence. They are always there for us, no matter the challenge.”

    Mary Jo Struttmann, CA-AM
    Senior Director, Alliance Management
    Astellas US

    “The alliance restructuring was overdue and your research and guidance provided the catalyst for change. Thank you—I’m not sure I could have convinced our alliance partner of the need for change and the right structure without your insight.”

    Dean Pope
    General Manager, Business Development
    Canada Post

    “We used your presentation on Portfolio Management to develop our own portfolio management metrics at SAS. Your scoring methodology was most helpful in determining a weighted scoring algorithm for our measures. It’s an excellent way for us to assess status of current partnerships and to set objectives for future direction with partners. We’re also using this work as a foundation for our next step in the process—determining coverage models. Thanks again for your insights!”

    Donna Peek, CSAP
    Global Alliance Director

    “Being able to demonstrate the strategic and financial value of any alliance is key to its success. [The Rhythm of Business’] workshop provides both the organization and the alliance practitioner with first-rate and straightforward tools on which to measure and monitor performance. Cable & Wireless was delighted to host this excellent workshop.”

    Jane Dancer
    Director, Alliance and Partner Management
    Cable & Wireless

    “It has been a great pleasure working with you on this fantastic collaboration project. We benefited a great deal from your in-depth knowledge of both the fact and myth of collaboration. The methodology is second to none. It will definitely help unlock the potential of [our] organization through improvement of collaboration and subsequently drive sales. What I enjoyed most is your customer-oriented attitude with your client and the desire to drive to fruition.”

    Fan Zhang
    Director, Sales Strategy
    Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation

    Values and Reputation

    The Rhythm of Business is mission-driven. We foster understanding of how to lead and manage alliances and collaborative networks and empower people to do so. Our values define how we achieve our vision:

    • We don’t sell. Our clients buy when they know us, trust us, and the time is right for them.
    • Your success is our success—and yes, we take it personally.
    • We accept only excellence. “Good enough” is not good enough for us.
    • We do whatever it takes—and never watch a clock.
    • We thrive on intellectual exchange.
    • We know that achieving simplicity requires a deep understanding of complexity.
    • Engaging with The Rhythm of Business means engaging with our principals—with Jan and Jeff.