Alliance Team Development

Increasingly, alliance managers are responsible for developing training for their colleagues who are working on alliance teams and who are part of governance committees. Basic courses are often embedded in general professional development curricula. Sometimes, the best option is to invite people to come together to discuss their specific challenges and lessons learned. Regardless of the context, we can create the right program for your company and address such topics as:

Introduction to Alliances and Collaboration

If your company has just signed its first partnership agreement, we can offer a workshop that demonstrates how working in an alliance is different from working alone, focusing on both the risks and benefits of collaborating beyond company borders.

Collaboration: An Essential Strategic Ability

Everything there is to know about collaboration wasn’t learned in the sandbox! In business, collaboration is a purposeful strategic behavior intended to leverage a broad array of resources by coordinating activities and communicating information within an environment of trust and transparency. This program provides an in-depth exploration of how to develop your organization’s collaborative ability.

Governance Committee Boot Camp

It is often said that many alliance managers stumble into the role. They don’t have the title, it isn’t included in performance objectives, and they don’t have any training in the discipline. Practically, the same can be said for executives asked to serve on governance committees. Help your executives learn to be effective governance committee members with our comprehensive “basic training” program.