When the Status Quo Won’t Do, It’s Time to Get SMART

Catalyze growth, drive innovation, and optimize productivity and profitability with the SMART Partnering approach.
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Orchestrating Success in the Era of Connected Ecosystems

The new normal of the global economy is the era of connected ecosystems. This dynamic demands that partnering be “baked in” corporate strategy.
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SMART Partnering Destination Workshop

Destination Workshop applies SMART Partnering principles to create clarity and actionable path for the journey. Download (pdf)

SMART Partnering™ - The Gold is in the Gray

There is a new normal in every sector of the global economy: megatrends collide and complexity is all that is certain. Traditional build-buy decision making is insufficient when business models are shifting and incumbents are threatened by upstarts unencumbered by legacy structures.

Competition is not just among firms, it is among connected, collaborative networks and ecosystems. An enterprise approach and corporate ability to partner is essential. It can’t be an afterthought—bolted on to normal business. Today, partnering must be baked into corporate strategy development, resource allocation, and strategy execution.

It must be SMART.

SMART Partnering is a transformative methodology brought to you by an alliance of partnering experts. Together with our partner Alliancesphere we are rolling up our sleeves and working with companies across industries to integrate partnering throughout strategy and develop the mindset, skillset and toolset to successfully execute.

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  1. Take the 5 minute SMART Partnering Assessment and receive an insightful analysis of your company’s partnering strengths and weaknesses
  2. Host a Destination Workshop for senior executives to picture how partnering should be incorporated into strategy and plot the journey
  3. Use the Partner Portfolio Manager™ to create a comprehensive analysis of your existing partners, establishing a baseline for future action

When it is black or white, you know what to do.

When business is complex, the gold is in the gray.