The Partner Portfolio Manager™ App

For some time, alliance managers worldwide have been using the Value/Complexity Portfolio Methodology and profiling process, developed and refined over more than a decade by The Rhythm of Business. Now, this portfolio management methodology and process are available in a powerful, function-rich, Web-based app that analyzes and evaluates your alliance portfolio in five easy steps.

Developed specifically for alliance managers, The Partner Portfolio Manager makes it simple to analyze both individual alliances and a company’s overall portfolio, and then plan actions that create the alliance outcomes required to achieve corporate strategies.

The Partner Portfolio Manager—developed in partnership with New Information Paradigms, Ltd.—is a Web-based app that automates the Value/Complexity Portfolio Methodology, highlighting the path an alliance manager should take to lead alliances to success and demonstrating ways to realize potential value, manage risk-causing complexity, and improve the effective operations of an alliance portfolio.

The Value/Complexity Portfolio Methodology that powers the Partner Portfolio Manager makes a direct link between the strategic value companies seek and the actions to be taken by alliance managers. For more on the Value/Complexity Portfolio Methodology, download the pdf of our white paper “The Partner Portfolio Manager: Shining the Spotlight on Performance and Value,”. Another informative white paper is “Measuring and Managing the Alliance Portfolio,”.

About New Information Paradigms, Ltd.

New Information Paradigms (NIP) delivers Web-based application solutions for professional teams. NIP solutions are currently focused in the pharmaceutical and public sectors and more generally in the area of relationship development.

NIP’s goals and objectives have always been to empower individuals and teams, retaining flexibility and pragmatism alongside rigor and professionalism for our customers and for ourselves. To this end, NIP looks for projects and technologies that not only serve an immediate purpose, but also provide a future growth path, scope for integration, and protection from proprietary lock-in.

Specifically, NIP’s Relationship Development solutions are designed to:

  • Identify and make visible the important factors driving the day-to-day functioning of a relationship
  • Focus attention on areas where problems can arise and facilitate their resolution
  • Provide access to context-sensitive best-practice and advice

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