We often say that if partnering is of strategic importance to your company, then you’d better be good at it. What better way to test that proposition than to ask the people who partner with you?

Partner Listening Tour

What do your partners say when they talk about your company? That you’re easy to do business with? That you communicate well? In their minds, are you a “partner of choice”—or would they rather never partner with you again?

One simple way to find out—and to raise your stature in the eyes of your partners—is to ask them what they think of you. Our Partner Listening Tour helps you find out just how well your company is collaborating with others. Through a focused series of interviews, we dig deep to unearth data from your partners and key internal stakeholders to answer such questions as:

  • How easy is your company to partner with?
  • Are there aspects of your communication style or corporate culture that make partnering more challenging?
  • Are opaque decision-making processes making you seem less than trustworthy?
  • Are there bottlenecks in your decision-making process that hold up vital alliance activities?
  • How effective is your alliance management capability?
  • Are you truly a partner of choice in your industry—or one they’d rather never do business with again?

Data from interviews seed a workshop that takes actionable insights into your company’s partnering reputation and turns them into a plan executives will engage in to make it better. Whereas VitalSigns is about the alliance, the Partner Listening Tour is about the experience of actually working with your company as a partner: a 360-degree view of your company’s partnering behaviors, whether challenging or productive.