Partnering Strategy is the New Frontier of Value Creation for the Chief Strategy Officer

Partnering experts from The Rhythm of Business and Alliancesphere share insights and deliver a call to action at the Chief Strategy Officer Summit in New York City, December 2-3, 2014

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The Art and Science of Alliance Management on the Agenda at the 2014 Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Annual Conference

Jan Twombly, president of The Rhythm of Business is teaming up with Anny Bedard, an accomplished biopharmaceutical executive to introduce the assembled at the 2014 Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Annual Conference in Chicago, November 12 – 14 to alliance management.

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Red Hat and Alliancesphere Present Together with The Rhythm of Business at the 2014 ASAP Global Alliance Summit

A well-attended session at the 2014 ASAP Global Alliance Summit discussed how The Partner Portfolio Manager™ from The Rhythm of Business was utilized to analyze Red Hat’s existing portfolio of alliances relative to company strategy and business unit priorities – and to understand how to optimize the portfolio.

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The Rhythm of Business President Twombly Keynotes Boston Biopharma Alliances Conference 

Twombly tells audience certain industry conditions are improving, collaborations are more important, and alliance professionals must now take the spotlight.

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