Our learning programs are shaped to fit your specific needs and include just you, your team, and other key stakeholders as needed for maximum learning and an ability to discuss confidential information.

Think of them as mini-consulting projects—designed just for you—drawing on vast expertise and a comprehensive framework that forms the core of the developing discipline of alliance and collaboration management.

We blend theory with practice to give you understanding and actionable insight. You’ll leave with a clear blueprint for how to proceed.

Customize a Program to Meet Your Needs

A very wise alliance executive once said, “If you’ve seen one alliance, you’ve seen one alliance.” Likewise, every organization must build its capability and manage its relationships in a way that fits best with its organizational culture and structure and its alliance portfolio—and must ensure that the capability can adapt as the organization and portfolio change.

There are many courses on forming alliances and plenty of workshops that teach alliance “best practices.” We work with you to build a complete curriculum for organizations that are serious about making their ability to succeed through alliances and collaboration a core capability and a competitive advantage.

We offer in-person training as well as webinars. As a tenured, full university professor, principal Jeff Shuman’s years teaching adult MBA students ensure a quality learning experience.