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What our clients say about Collaborating to Win:

“The Rhythm of Business’ framework for value exchange through collaboration has enabled us to begin to change traditional behaviors and shift our thinking about what our suppliers value. We’ve used that insight to engage in activities that are resulting in increased value for all concerned. By changing the conversations with these key suppliers we have improved communication in a way that is allowing us to realize previously unreachable objectives.“

Gary L. Smith
Well Operations Lead, Global Procurement Services

“There are not many good metrics for measuring collaboration. The Collaborating to Win assessment gave us an excellent combination of quantitative and qualitative information. The excellent synthesis provided us with valuable insight, affirmation, and a clear path moving forward. We will continue to measure our Collaborative Index!”

Eric Talbott
Vice President, Sales Strategy
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

“The Collaborating to Win data confirms that the optimal management of our alliances by the Field Sales Force can result in incremental sales.… The sales force collaboration initiative makes it easy to understand why BI is leading the industry in this area.”

Bob Johnson
Senior Vice President, Sales
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Collaborating to Win™

Scientists and salespeople alike agree: better collaborators produce better outcomes. Yet collaboration is a poorly understood behavior, often confused with “teamwork” or simply “working nicely with others.”

Collaborating to Win™ is our groundbreaking assessment of personal collaborative ability drawn from our experiences with frontline collaborators across multiple industries. Administered to more than 8,000 individuals, Collaborating to Win asks and answers the questions:

  • Do our people engage in the right collaborative activities?
  • Do they have the skills to do them well?
  • Do they practice what they believe about collaboration?

The assessment produces a metric. The Collaborative Index:

  • Provides an objective measure of collaborative ability
  • Analyzes the reasons for differences in performance
  • Highlights the best practices of top performers
  • Informs professional development efforts
  • Provides a window into the ground level of important collaborations