Center of Excellence

Companies that lack the ability to manage strategic alliances in a coordinated, professional way are increasingly ill equipped to compete and innovate in a global marketplace. They find themselves unable to attract the most desired partners and may lose out on competitive licensing opportunities.

A Center of Excellence for Alliance and Collaboration Management can be the foundation for building a scalable, resource-friendly approach to alliance management. The Rhythm of Business designs the Center that is right for your organization. In some companies, it is simply an Alliance Management Guidebook, outlining the responsibilities of alliance managers and making available tools and an inventory of alliances. In others, it is an in-house consulting group, offering services such as assistance with start-ups, wind-downs, and troubled alliances, as well as evaluating alliances, to company personnel who have alliance management as part of their job.

We provide the content for the Center, too. We can start you off with a library of short articles, presentations, and videos addressing specific alliance challenges. We’ll work with you to design an editorial calendar to add content over time, including delivering webinars and in-person events.

As the resources build, and people can access them as needed, your alliance management capability remains scalable and able to put limited resources to the most productive use.