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It is Within Your Reach – The Power to Partner Everywhere

The Power to Partner Everywhere: Why You Need It, What It Is, How to Build It, the latest publication from the SMART Partnering Alliance of The Rhythm of Business and Alliancesphere, is your guide to the central challenge of organizational capability confronting executives today. You need a next generation partnering everywhere capability to benefit from the business transformation brought about by the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, the primacy of the customer experience, and the rise of new competitors and potential partners.

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It is Time to Think Differently - Taming the Complexity of IoT Partnering

Jonathan Ballon, Vice President of Intel’s Internet of Things Group is very clear: the promise of IoT will not be realized without partnering. We offer our perspective that the best practices of yesterday’s partnering are insufficient for the connected ecosystem era of IoT.

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Designing Minds Want to Know

Business leaders are evolving their business models, strategies, operations, and how they execute for success. Shouldn’t partnering models and practices evolve, too?

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Does Your Company Have the Power to Partner Everywhere?

Cross-sector and multipartner arrangements are proliferating. Value is not just financial; it is multifaceted and evolves uniquely as each partnership matures. Partnering proliferates throughout the enterprise. Success in the ecosystem of the partnering everywhere world is not happenstance—it takes careful design. Three components—strategy, governance, and execution—must work together seamlessly to give your organization the partnering capability it requires today.

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New Whitepaper; SMART Partnering: Orchestrating Success in the Era of Connected Ecosystems, ASAP Global Summit and as Seen in Strategic Alliance Magazine

The Rhythm of Business is pleased to once again sponsor and present at the ASAP Global Summit next week. This year is especially exciting, as we are officially launching the SMART Partnering Alliance,a collaboration between The Rhythm of Business and Alliancesphere – two partnering experts dedicated to improving alliance success. We’ve just posted a new whitepaper introducing our methodology. Read further for the link.

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