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The Ubiquity of Partnering and Why Every Company Needs the Ability to Partner Everywhere

A recent MIT Sloan Research Report finds “managing the increasing number and depth of relationships that come with IoT projects” to be essential to realizing business value. An ASAP study finds the “frequency and quality of interaction between firms” is indicative of partnering success. Partnering is indeed ubiquitous - and it must be managed well throughout the organization. This is an organizational imperative.

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Taking a Horizontal Approach to the Vertical Partnering Challenge of IoT

Success in the IoT partnering is not happenstance—it takes careful design. Companies that are succeeding are taking a vertical approach - and implementing horizontally to gain the execution muscle required to make partnering replicable and profitable.

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Designing Minds Want to Know

Business leaders are evolving their business models, strategies, operations, and how they execute for success. Shouldn’t partnering models and practices evolve, too?

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Does Your Company Have the Power to Partner Everywhere?

Cross-sector and multipartner arrangements are proliferating. Value is not just financial; it is multifaceted and evolves uniquely as each partnership matures. Partnering proliferates throughout the enterprise. Success in the ecosystem of the partnering everywhere world is not happenstance—it takes careful design. Three components—strategy, governance, and execution—must work together seamlessly to give your organization the partnering capability it requires today.

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The Mission Endures, The Journey Continues

As 2015 comes to a close, we take stock of some of the projects our clients are pursuing to accelerate their transformation to businesses with partnering integrated into their strategy, operations, and culture - and take a look ahead at what the journey will bring in 2016.

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