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Taking a Horizontal Approach to the Vertical Partnering Challenge of IoT

Success in the IoT partnering is not happenstance—it takes careful design. Companies that are succeeding are taking a vertical approach - and implementing horizontally to gain the execution muscle required to make partnering replicable and profitable.

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It is Time to Think Differently - Taming the Complexity of IoT Partnering

Jonathan Ballon, Vice President of Intel’s Internet of Things Group is very clear: the promise of IoT will not be realized without partnering. We offer our perspective that the best practices of yesterday’s partnering are insufficient for the connected ecosystem era of IoT.

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The Mission Endures, The Journey Continues

As 2015 comes to a close, we take stock of some of the projects our clients are pursuing to accelerate their transformation to businesses with partnering integrated into their strategy, operations, and culture - and take a look ahead at what the journey will bring in 2016.

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