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The Ubiquity of Partnering and Why Every Company Needs the Ability to Partner Everywhere

A recent MIT Sloan Research Report finds “managing the increasing number and depth of relationships that come with IoT projects” to be essential to realizing business value. An ASAP study finds the “frequency and quality of interaction between firms” is indicative of partnering success. Partnering is indeed ubiquitous - and it must be managed well throughout the organization. This is an organizational imperative.

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Improving Partnering Outcomes – What’s an Alliance Professional to Do?

The success rate of alliances seems to have plateaued at an unacceptable level for sustaining a management discipline and specialty that claims to be the experts at driving the success of partnering. We put forth a two-part hypothesis about why alliances aren’t more successful and what alliance and partnering professionals can do about it.

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Be a Leader Not a Follower: Findings from the 2012 Practice of Alliance Management in the Biopharmaceutical Industry Study

A sneak peek at the the results of the 2012 Practice of Alliance Management in the Biopharmaceutical Industry is being unveiled at the ASAP Biopharma Conference, November 15 and 16 in Cambridge, MA.

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Reflections on the 2012 ASAP Global Alliance Summit

It was the largest gathering of alliance management professionals anywhere in the world – ever. Three and a half days of educational sessions, receptions and networking, meetings with partners and clients, as well as a bit of glitz and glam (we were in Las Vegas after all) which demonstrated unequivocally that alliance management has arrived as a recognized capability.

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Have You Profiled Your Portfolio Yet?

Over the past two years, through presentations, webinars and whitepapers, The Rhythm of Business has made its methodology and tools for profiling and analyzing an alliance portfolio available to the ASAP community. From what you are telling us, many of you have implemented it as an essential tool in your strategic decision making process.

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