Welcome to our new website and to our new blog!

The signs have been apparent for many years. Fundamental change is upon us. No, not the type we experience with every budget cycle, but systemic and structural change. Quite simply, no one organization has sufficient resources – either intellectual, structural, or financial – to tackle the complex problems of business and society and take advantage of the opportunities our globally integrated world presents.

Thus, the need for a collaborative way of working.

In collaboration, valuable resources, such as insight, knowledge, and relationships, are leveraged, activities coordinated to get the maximum output relative the time and energy expended, and process ensures that the right information gets to the right person at the right time.

Collaboration is work and all too often achieving desired outcomes is hindered by organizational structures and incentives that work at cross purposes. Individuals aren’t skilled in collaborative ways of working and don’t appreciate the give and get of relationship currencies.

Our new website is loaded with content to share what we’ve learned over the past ten years about innovating and succeeding by working collaboratively. It includes many of the frameworks we’ve developed to guide individuals and organizations through the complexity of working in networked environments, be they strategic alliances, consortia, public-private partnerships, or boundary-spanning teams.

The blog will be the place where we comment on all things related to the organization and management of collaborative endeavors. We welcome discussion, comments, and questions.

We’re participating in the Greater Than Conference taking place in Portland, Maine from Sunday through Tuesday. It is all about new types of partnership and cross-sector relationships. We’ll blog about the conference and share what we learn!

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