Outsourced Service Providers—or an Ecosystem of Strategic Partners?

Our recent article in Pharmaceutical Outsourcing explains how to build the mindset, skillset, and toolset to collaborate with providers—and maximize the performance of your biopharma ecosystem

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It is Within Your Reach – The Power to Partner Everywhere

The Power to Partner Everywhere: Why You Need It, What It Is, How to Build It, the latest publication from the SMART Partnering Alliance of The Rhythm of Business and Alliancesphere, is your guide to the central challenge of organizational capability confronting executives today. You need a next generation partnering everywhere capability to benefit from the business transformation brought about by the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, the primacy of the customer experience, and the rise of new competitors and potential partners.

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The Ubiquity of Partnering and Why Every Company Needs the Ability to Partner Everywhere

A recent MIT Sloan Research Report finds “managing the increasing number and depth of relationships that come with IoT projects” to be essential to realizing business value. An ASAP study finds the “frequency and quality of interaction between firms” is indicative of partnering success. Partnering is indeed ubiquitous - and it must be managed well throughout the organization. This is an organizational imperative.

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Taking a Horizontal Approach to the Vertical Partnering Challenge of IoT

Success in the IoT partnering is not happenstance—it takes careful design. Companies that are succeeding are taking a vertical approach - and implementing horizontally to gain the execution muscle required to make partnering replicable and profitable.

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It is Time to Think Differently - Taming the Complexity of IoT Partnering

Jonathan Ballon, Vice President of Intel’s Internet of Things Group is very clear: the promise of IoT will not be realized without partnering. We offer our perspective that the best practices of yesterday’s partnering are insufficient for the connected ecosystem era of IoT.

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