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As Seen in Strategic Alliance Magazine: Mastering the Speed, Scale, and Scope of Partnering for the Connected Ecosystems of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Our cover story article in the Summer 2016 edition of Strategic Alliance Magazine highlights some of the ways in which partnering practices must change to keep pace with the exponential rate of business transformation unleashed by the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It necessitates rethinking the rules of partnering and taking an ecosystem perspective to building partnering capability. Those that don’t will be leaving value on the table at best – and at worst may find itself left behind.


Congratulations! You've Been Appointed to a Governance Committee. Now What?

PDF Icon IT IS OFTEN SAID THAT MANY ALLIANCE MANAGERS stumble into the role. They don’t have the title, it isn’t included in performance objectives, and they don’t have any training in it.

Practically, the same can be said for executives asked to serve on governance committees. Sure, they’ve been part of many committees, boards, and task forces before, but how many of them were responsible for an alliance, where accountability is to both the alliance and the individual’s employer? That dual accountability fundamentally impacts the role.

Download the pdf to read this article by Jan Twombly and Jeff Shuman that was published in the Q4 2011 edition of Strategic Alliance Magazine.