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Integrating a Multichannel Strategy

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In today’s environment, customers are empowered to purchase and consume what, where, when, and how they want. Companies are implementing multichannel strategies to present the customer with the desired choices and to reach the customer via its channel of choice. Multichannel no longer means “this channel” or “that channel.” It means all channels – the omnichannel. In this environment all channels must be tightly aligned, with key points of intersection among them. Otherwise the seamless omnichannel experience won’t exist – nor will the increased revenue from retaining and growing existing customers and reaching new ones through multiple routes to market.

Integrating a Multichannel Strategy demonstrates how to apply the SMART Partnering methodology to deliver the optimal omnichannel customer experience. A bolted-on approach to adding channels only sows conflict and sub-optimization. The path to the gold lies in baking a multichannel strategy into an organization’s culture and way of working.


How Alliance Management Delivers Value: Moving Beyond Best Practices

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Alliances and other forms of collaboration are an integral component of strategy. In some companies, they account for more than 50 percent of revenues and new products. Entire business processes are being entrusted to partners. As a result, it has never been more important for an organization to manage these relationships well. The costs of not doing so, which can include arbitration and litigation, stalled development efforts and lost time to market, as well as an inability to compete for desirable assets, are simply too great to ignore.

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Presentation: Before the Ink Dries

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Delivered to the SBIR-STTR Assets Forum, this presentation highlights some of the operational aspects of alliances and collaborations that should be considered while negotiating a contract.