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Partnering in a Time of Uncertainty – As Published in Strategic Alliance Magazine

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Uncertainty and complexity are all that is certain. Integrating partnering strategy into corporate strategy is an essential path to leveraging all available resources in the journey to become agile enough to manage the unexpected.

Learn the components of a robust partnering strategy that can help organizations set bold goals and achieve the agility required to win in the time of uncertainty.


Flip the Question - As Published in Strategic Alliance Magazine

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Want new opportunities for alliance management? This article puts forth an argument that instead of asking how to get senior executives to recognize the value of alliance management, let’s ask what value alliance management should be delivering that is relevant to the C-Suite today.


"Health Checking" Consortia

Recently, an alliance professional asked us how to conduct a “health check” of a pre-competitive consortium. Like many research-intensive companies, his company belonged to - and had made investments in - many of these organizations. To maximize their return on investment, the company appointed an alliance professional to manage it, so naturally, he wants to apply the tools of alliance management. This article explains how we’ve applied our Vital Signs Alliance Operations Effectiveness Assessment to consortia, collaborative networks and other multi-party alliances.

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Presentation: Shameless Self-Promotion for Alliance Managers

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This presentation was given at the 2010 ASAP Global Alliance Summit. It offers a simple model for alliance professionals to use to gain visibility and awareness.