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A Mindset for the Biopharmaceutical Alliance Manager in the Era of Connected Ecosystems

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First in a series to challenge the profession to “think differently,” we describe a mindset – a way of thinking about the role of the alliance manager that transcends “best practices.” For those new at alliance management – and executives who need to understand what it is all about – it provides an introduction to the discipline. For experienced alliance professionals, it provides a way of shaping and framing their core value to their company and partners as biopharmaceutical companies increasingly partner “beyond the pill.”

Based on our experiences over more than 15 years with over 50 life science firms of all sizes, expertise, and maturity with partnering and alliances, we introduce:

  • Three principles to guide the management of alliances

  • Four building blocks to manage risk and realize value within an organization’s unique context

  • Three skills to master

With this foundation, the alliance professional can move beyond “best practices” and lead his or her company through the complexities and challenges of partnering to deliver value to patients as well as to the company and its partners.

Make no mistake about it: this era of connected ecosystems is built on partnering, thus everyone needs some alliance and partnering skills. But not everyone is tasked with managing the incremental risks of partnering and realizing the intended return on investment. Biopharmaceutical alliance professionals must develop the muscle to lead their companies to success. Doing so requires thinking bigger, thinking differently.


Partnering in a Time of Uncertainty – As Published in Strategic Alliance Magazine

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Uncertainty and complexity are all that is certain. Integrating partnering strategy into corporate strategy is an essential path to leveraging all available resources in the journey to become agile enough to manage the unexpected.

Learn the components of a robust partnering strategy that can help organizations set bold goals and achieve the agility required to win in the time of uncertainty.


Flip the Question - As Published in Strategic Alliance Magazine

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Want new opportunities for alliance management? This article puts forth an argument that instead of asking how to get senior executives to recognize the value of alliance management, let’s ask what value alliance management should be delivering that is relevant to the C-Suite today.


The Question of the Moment: Who Should We Be Partnering With Now? 

Remember the ritual of deciding who you wanted on your team for the neighborhood game of the week? Choosing the right combination of players to win depended on the game being played. Something similar is going on today in many companies when it comes to partnering.

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The Partner Portfolio Manager: Shining the Spotlight on Performance and Value

How does an alliance manager know where to put his or her efforts? Too often these efforts are focused where the noise is loudest and the “brushfires” burn the brightest. But being a firefighter is not the optimal role for alliance managers—and it isn’t the kind of value senior management expects them to deliver. The real value of professional alliance management is getting ahead of issues—of being one, two, and three steps ahead of problems and taking action to ensure that they don’t become time-wasting and trust-busting issues. The cost of time is the greatest cause of value erosion in an alliance.

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